I didn’t have to use my AK

I got to say it was a good day.

I mean not awesome. Good is definitely on a scale. But from devastated over the weekend to living is ‘good’.

I opened my laptop and worked. I cleaned. I made dinner. My laundry is done. I hung out on the couch with the kids instead of hiding in my room. I don’t think a single tear fell.

I guess that’s how ‘good’ is defined. I’ll take it.

The kids and I planned for our F You Holidays Thanksgiving festivities. I’ll post more about that later.

We’re also thinking of doing a Christmas card after all. I’m thinking it will be the five of us flipping of ‘2018’. Still trying to decide.

When I thought about Christine I thought of good times.

When we were in Norway I left the bathroom with wet hands and brushed her cheek.

Me: I forgot to wipe.

I stopped when I realized I was supposed to say ‘I forgot to wash’.

She lost it. I lost it. Another one of those times our sides hurt from laughing so hard.

Christine was never more beautiful than when she was laughing.

One morning we got ready and left the apartment we were renting. We got to a nearby Church that was supposed have some cool art.

She looked at me.

Christine: WTF happened to your hair?

I had out some product in my hair and gotten it all the way through but didn’t style it so it was all sticking straight up. I went to fix it.

Christine: Wait wait. I need a picture first. What a dumbass.

More laughing. We did that so often.

That’s about all I’ve got.

I got to say it was a ‘good’ day.

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